Automotive Designs

S&P Tees started as S&P Racing Tees…why do you ask? Because we specialized in drag racing shirt designs. We dropped the “racing” from our name, but we will always love cars and drag racing and so we still print for those clients today. This section is for anything car related. The following designs have beenContinue reading “Automotive Designs”


Since we are a small business, we love to be able to work with other small businesses. We understand their needs and budgets. Helping them advertise their business while giving employees really cool garments to wear is what we love to do. Here are just some of the businesses we have worked with over theContinue reading “Businesses”

Clubs & other Events

MS Walks, Wedding Parties, Car clubs, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and more. Shirts for various events help remember the day and the fun you had. Samples coming soon!

Police & Fire

We have been working with local fire and police departments to produce t-shirts and other related garments since we started printing shirts. Samples coming soon!

Schools & Sport Events

A large part of our business is working with schools. Field days, graduations, school trips, we print shirts for all school related events. Fitness and sporting events are another part of our business. Crossfit gyms, grade & high school events are shirts we produce as well. Samples coming soon!